Monday, 30 November 2009

28 Weeks ...

We made it! We made it to 28 weeks! In the cosmic scale of things this might not seem like a big milestone, but for us it's huge.

The girls are doing well and are kicking up a storm. Every night, about 9ish, Ell's stomach suddenly becomes massively active and it feels like the twins are kicking lumps out of each other - some of the kicks and motions are surprisingly strong - and it goes on until bedtime.

Last night was interesting, as I heard righty's heartbeat through Ell's tummy for the first time, it was quite weird and I did get a foot in the ear for my troubles (the baby, not Elly) but it was worth the effort!! Minor alarm broke out at bedtime when Ell woke up after an hour's sleep to find the kids had moved in such a way that her stomach had shifted over to her right - the bump was all lopsided and looked very odd but all is OK so we can live with that and smile about it.

I had last week off, hence the lack of posts here, and we spent days running around sorting bits and pieces out - we now have a new front step to help get the pram into the house, the Silver Birch in the garden has had a huge trim, hospital bags are almost ready, clothes have been bought, rails have been hung and a million and one other assorted jobs have been completed ready for the twins arrival.

We've even decided on their names but we're not telling anyone, so don't ask!!

I have to admit that after weeks and months of trying to ignore the pregnancy in case anything went wrong it's getting increasingly difficult not to get very excited. I appear to have developed my own unqiue set of pregnancy symptoms and blub like a baby at the oddest things and the strangest times - doesn't matter if it's a sad song on the radio, a baby outfit in Mothercare or even some TV ads, I just start filling up - it's annoying!!

Today, Ell ordered the cots and the pram which should arrive late this week or early next week. I think when they arrive it'll finally be time to admit to ourselves that this really is real and not a dream. It's hard for both of us but I think a bit harder for Elly. After the journey we've been on and the ups and downs of he last five plus years the realisation that it might actually work for us is difficult to get your head around.

Still, ten weeks to go and only ten weeks of stretching, pain and discomfort for Ell. She's been an absolute gem throughout the whole process, never complaining and never whining even though I know some days she's uncomfortable almost all the time - even when trying to get to sleep. I love you Elly Russell and I know you're going to be a fantastic mum to my daughters and a great companion to our kids.

Bugger, now I'm welling up again...

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Scanning ...

According to the NHS we're in the third trimester, according to everyone else it's the last week of the second trimester. For once, I'm with the NHS...

Last weekend we went for another 4D scan so we can see what the kids are up to. Sadly, after 30+ minutes of trying we didn't really get the results we were looking for - according to the sonographer there was too little fluid around their heads, they've shifted position and they keep interfering with other so the pictures were a bit woolly. I guess we have to expect that given the cramped conditions they're in, but it's a little disappointing - especially when we'd got our hopes up for a good result. Still, on the bright side, the scanning company have agreed to give us another go in a week or so to see if we can improve on matters.

Most of the rest of the week has been spent trying to make the week go faster! I think it's finally beginning to dawn on us that the twins are really coming but we're still resisting the urge to REALLY start celebrating - maybe after 28 weeks we can relax a little more, until then it still feels like a slog.

We have, however, started buying clothes and other bits and pieces so the nursery is starting to fill with nappies, wipes and very tiny sleepsuits (also some really cute soft toys and a couple of dresses for weddings we're due to attend next year!) Pretty soon we'll have the cots and pram delivered.

Also this week, we're having a new boiler fitted. It doesn't sound very baby oriented but the old one dates to 1975 and I was convinced it was going to blow up the second we brought the girls home so we decided it was time to take the plunge and get it replaced pro-actively. The only downside so far is that we were without any form of central heating last night so it was flipping cold this morning.

Monday, 9 November 2009

Another two weeks

Due to flu and various other ailments, it's been two weeks since my last update (again). My nasal passages hurt like hell, I have a mild dog cough and on Saturday I managed to break a wisdom tooth on a Jelly Tot, but apart from that, the world is good!

The twins continue to grow at speed, Elly and I spend a lot of time now with our hands on her tummy feeling all the kicks and movements and there are some evenings when you can almost imagine they're dancing in there!!

For a couple of weeks we were also convinced we could feel them inside the uterus. Now and again her tummy would be hard and we decided it was a head/bottom/large bony bit sticking out, it turns out it's a Braxton-Hicks contraction - a sort of trial contraction - which happens quite regularly at this point in the whole pregnancy process - bah humbug, I liked it better when we thought it was the girls!!

Mrs Tink, our tiny little tortoiseshell cat seems to be pining for Rasher at the moment, for the last two weeks she's been off her food and won't settle, wandering around the house shouting at anything and everything. As I've been off for a week she's spent a lot of time sitting on my knee and I wonder if it's made a difference and settled her a bit. Yesterday she went back to her own bed on the landing for the first time and she even settled into Ham Time again. Poor old Monkey, she's stone deaf and for the first time ever, the only cat in the house, it must be very confusing for her. Fingers crossed she'll be OK.

In happier news, we're off for another 4D scan on Saturday and according to the latest pregnancy info they should have their eyes open so here's hoping for a really cool DVD - it'll be the last time we see them before they're here for real in February next year!