Monday, 28 September 2009

It's all in the names..

After last week's rant about ignorant halfwits giving us their bland opinions on what we *should* call the girls, we've now decided on names.

We wanted something distinctive, elegant and unusual but which wouldn't stand out in a crowd. We wanted something personal and most of all, we wanted something that would stop people from passing an opinion...

So, say hi to Frogmella and Spudulika.

Obviously they're not the real names, we're not telling anyone those until the girls are born and have been given their names by which time it's too late for anyone to have an opinion. Ha!

In other news, another week and things are still really quiet, which is absolutely the best we can hope for. In fact, it's going so well little Frogmella is kicking Ell quite hard, not hard enough for me to feel it yet (I am so jealous...) but we know she's there. Spudulika is at the bottom and towards the back so her kicks are much more difficult to feel so far but a heartbeat check on Saturday morning showed both girls have strong little tickers so we're all happy.

Another week down and 19 weeks to go,. Fingers and toes are still crossed but it's all looking good and I can't wait to meet my daughters.

Thursday, 24 September 2009

Opinions everywhere

Who was it said "opinions are like arseholes, everyone has one but no-one wants to see yours"?

I went to get my hair cut on Sunday morning. It's a simple task, I tell the stylist what I want, she cuts it, I pay money, everyone's happy. So why was it the ignorant bint I got stuck with this week looked at me like a space alien when I said I was in my early 40s and about to have twins then droned about kids names, quite frankly madam, I'm not surprised your parents called you Belle, the only shock was that they missed the word "end" off of it.

For reasons I don't yet understand the whole thing has REALLY annoyed me, normally I wouldn't pay any attention to it but it's really got under my skin.

I'm massively excited at the prospect of our daughters, more so then I ever thought possible and I'm starting to get quite hostile towards anyone who criticises me, Elly or the twins. Maybe I'm just becoming overly-protective dad but it really sticks in my throat...

In other news, Ell and the twins are doing well and she thinks she's starting to feel proper kicks, which is fantastic news! I have to say I'm utterly jealous and can't wait to feel them moving but I've waited this long so I can wait a little while longer (just not too much longer!)

We've also sorted out our pram choices, it looks like the Leebruss Zoom is the carriage of choice after we spent the better part of an hour in Kingston last week playing with one. I am now an interim expert in pram put-up and take-down with a minor degree in pram navigation, best of all, it's not that expensive, especially when you consider it'll be carrying two little angels :)

Next week is 19 weeks and I'm trying not to think about it, Matthew's sac ruptured at 19 weeks so we really need to get through it and out the other side, it's an artificial milestone I know, but it's important to get it out of the way, once we have, we can shoot for 22 weeks then 24 weeks. Perhaps after that we can start to get genuinely excited for the future.

Come on little ones, stay healthy, stay happy and stay with us x x x.

Monday, 14 September 2009

Thinking pink..

So, our big news of the week is that we know the sex of the babies and they're BOTH girls!!

As one of three brothers (the other two having had three boys between them) two girls was, obviously, a bit of a shock - but in a good way :)

Last Tuesday we went for a sneaky 4D scan in Reading, we deliberately didn't tell anyone we were going as we wanted to check everything out for ourselves and get comfy with the result before we told anyone.

After a touch of confusion over what the scan package actually was and what we really wanted (thanks to the staff at Future Babies for their understanding and for sorting it all out) we discovered that both of the twins were female. Twin #2 was easy, she's always been a good girl and gave up the news easily, Twin #1, however, refused to play ball and for the longest time just sat cross-legged and sleeping in her little sac - is this a portent for the future I wonder?? :)

Anyways, after an hour or two to let the news settle in I got used to the whole idea of referring to the twins as "the girls". To be honest we were never that bothered over the sex of the kids, all we really want is two happy, healthy babies but the idea of being surrounded by women at Chez Russell is growing on me.

I've also started to become protective dad and have, to date, told three toddlers and a babe in arms that if they such as come NEAR my little girls there will be hell to pay. Job done I feel.

We spent the weekend at the parents in Hull, news of grand daughters was well received (to say the least!) and Nana Russell is already knee deep in knitting (she's wanted grand daughters for ever, so two at the same time is a bit of a winner).

So, we're into week 18, everything is going fine for the minute and I'm going to be surrounded by pink, horses and "girl's stuff" - whatever that is - in about five months. I can't wait :)

Monday, 7 September 2009

Week 17

It's been a fortnight since my last post, which is a little bad, but what the hell :)

Day by day we're slowly getting there, every 24 hours is a step closer to February 10 next year (the twins official birthday).

As I said last time, it gets increasingly difficult not to get excited but I'm trying to avoid until we get past the magical 24 week point in the plan - after that all bets are off!

The past couple of weeks we've been studying the fine work of SuperNanny Jo Frost in an effort to pick up some handy hints on controlling children. Days of scrutinising her tv show have yielded the following tidbits:

* Try not to live in a council house - almost all of the shows involve one
* Do not give your kids "showbiz" names - invariably, kids with silly or unusual names are more prone to being "lively" and unpredictable ie bastards.
* Make sure you don't live in a bungalow (otherwise, where do you put the naughty step????)

However, the biggest lesson seems to be, don't let them get out of control in the first place....

Anyways, mostly, everything is quiet in the house. Squeaker is 17 today!!! and we'll have a small kitten party featuring tuna and fish breath later on and we're off to my mum and dad's at the weekend for our last visit before the twins arrive. We were going to spend Xmas up there but Elly is already getting to the point where it's uncomfortable to sleep/move/sit down and Xmas is just too close to Birth Day for comfort.

To be honest, it's lovely that it is so quiet, no news is good news as they say and right now if there's no news it means the kids are busy growing - keep going little ones, February will be here soon!