Friday, 16 April 2010

Cold in de dose...

I have a total stinker of a cold which has laid me up for the last couple of days and really screwed up the week and I'm terrified of passing it on to the girls.

I don't get to spend a massive amount of time with them at the best of times what with working in, and commuting to, London every day so I find I get really resentful when I don't get as much dad time as I'd like - but what can you do?

Gurgling is currently on the rise, Emily regularly manages a fine and varied set of baby noises whilst little Faithy is sticking with the odd dog bark and a variety of quite gutteral noises such as NNNNGAAARRRRR! I actually find myself wondering if she's not a baby genius and chattering to me in Klingon - imagine the fun we'd have:
Me: Hello beautiful, how are you today?
Faith: PATAK!!!! A running man can slit a thousand throats in one night.
Me: Are you ready for your bottle? Is my baby girl hungry?
Faith: NNNNNGAAAARRRR!!!! You fight like a Ferengi!!!!
Me: Let me just go and fetch a muslin and we'll feed you now
Faith: Bring me my Bat'leth - I will slay your people!!!
Of course, I *might* be utterly wrong...

Thursday, 8 April 2010

Time is flying by...

Nine weeks now and we've just started to see tiny smiles from the girls. Emily was the first, grinning at Elly and Faith has just started to exercise her chuckle muscles - it's the most beautiful thing in the world :)

Every day now new things seem to be happening, they're sleeping through the night now, starting to take an interest in their toys (only a very small interest though, it has to be said) and all of a sudden they're starting to get too big for their Moses baskets - what happened to my tiny, tiny babies??!!!????

Now. more than ever, I resent having to come to work and leave them for hours every day, I want to watch them eat, sleep, gurgle, scream and emit something foul from the legs of their nappies, it's a really exciting time and it makes me quite sad to think I'm missing out on even a second of it.

We always have the weekends though and last weekend, being Easter Bank Holiday, we took them up to Hull to see my family. It was a lovely weekend, we got some time off as various family members took them off our hands for cuddles and the like, but it was quite a tiring couple of days, topped off by six hour car journeys to and from Yorkshire - not something I'd like to do every weekend but we must try and get up there more often then we have been doing, I really do want them to be as close to the family as we can manage.